The Chef


  • Action: If you have fewer than 2 Task Assets, gain 1 Task Unique Asset
  • If you have not lost Sanity during a Combat Encounter, roll 2 additional dice when resolving the Strength test during that encounter.

Flavor Text


"God has spoken. I will do His work without hesitation."


When Zoey was six years old, her parents were killed in a fire. As the flames consumed her home, God spoke to her. He told Zoey that she was special and that He was giving her a special task. As an adult, she now travels from city to city, taking work as a chef to support herself. When she isn't working, she stalks the night, guided by the Lord's voice. Wherever she finds wickedness, she strikes it down without remorse or hesitation. Most recently, God has called her to Rome, to dispense His righteous fury.

Team Role


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