The Gravedigger


  • Action: Discard up to two cards from the reserve. Then perform 1 additional action.
  • When you defeat a Monster with toughness 2 or greater during a Combat Encounter, you may gain 1 non-Service Asset of your choice from the reserve.

Flavor Text


"Though this be madness, yet there is method in't"


William Yorick always dreamed of becoming an actor. But alas, poor Yorick, it was not meant to be. As a gravedigger, Yorick saw corpses every day, so when inhuman, monstrous corpses started turning up in Arkham, he took the bodies to Miskatonic University for study. Unfortunately for Yorick, this drew some unwanted attention, and fearing for his life, he took a grave-digging job in Sydney, far from Arkham and far from trouble—at least until the corpses started clawing their way from the ground.

Team Role


The name is a reference to the skull that the Gravedigger unearths in William Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet'. Yorick was the court jester when Hamlet was a boy. It is not the Gravedigger's name (a common misconception).  The name itself (and variants Iorek, Jorik, Jorg) are a Danish/Germanic version of the name "George".

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