The Urchin


  • Action: Gain 1 Trinket Asset of your choice from the reserve or discard pile.
  • Once per round, if you would gain a non-Deal Condition or an Impairment token, you may choose to not gain that Condition or Impairment token instead.

Flavor Text


"The little things are important. Grown-ups don't see that."


As far as the state was concerned, Wendy had to be placed in an orphanage. Her father was gone and her mother was insane. But Wendy knew that her mother drew sigils and chanted to hide from the nightmares that took Wendy's father. So long as she was in an orphanage, Wendy knew she was vulnerable. The only way to find her father and keep herself safe was to escape. She has one photo of her father, taken in a factory where the signs are in Russian. On the back is the message, "Soon the Red Tide rises. Stay safe, my little girl.

Team Role

With her high Observation and Will, Wendy is great for gathering Clues. Since she can gain any Trinket from the reserve, she can usually adapt into most situations. Her low Influence might be a problem, so she pairs well with a character that can facilitate assets to her, like Charlie, Jenny, or Bob.


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