The Doctor


  • Action: You or another investigator on you space may discard 1 Injury or Illness Condition and/or perform a Rest action.
  • When you or another investigator on your space performs a Rest action, that investigator may recover 1 additional Health.

Flavor Text


"I will find the answers, even if it kills me."


After the third or fourth mutilated body showed up during his time at St. Mary's Hospital in Arkham, Vincent Lee began to suspect that this was no simple case of wild animal attacks. When a young man died screaming in his sleep from a burst heart, Vincent knew for a fact that dark times were ahead. Taking a leave of absence from his position at the hospital, he has set out to ease the suffering of those afflicted by the spreading chaos, hoping that the trail of bodies will lead him to the answers he craves.

Team Role


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