Flavor Text

You didn't see the faces of the men who took you in the black of night, but you can see the face of another who shares your fate. Bound and gagged, the other victim lies helpless on the stone altar beside you. A black-robed figure prepares to to drive a jeweled dagger into the victim's heart.

With the cultist distracted, you think you could escape, but could you really do so in good conscience?

Nay! As the blade comes down, adrenadline surges through your body and you slip from your restraints. You throw yourself between the robed assailant and his victim. The blade sinks into the flesh of your shoulder, missing your heart by mere inches. You wrench the dagger free from your wounded shoulder, and after subduing the cultist, you free your grateful compnaion. Those who did this to you will pay in kind, that much in certain.

Prelude Conditions

After resolving setup, each investigator may spend 2 Health to gain 1 Character Unique Asset.

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