The second card + board expansion for Eldritch Horror. Requires the core set to play.

Release 10 Dec 2015
Symbol 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Type Card + Board
Board Pyramids Map
Investigators 8
Ancient Ones 2

Box Contents

This expansion introduces Impairment mechanics and uses Glamour spells and Unique Assets. It also contains 6 Preludes and the 6 Museum Heist adventures.

Ancient Ones

The expansion contains 2 Ancient Ones, listed here:


This box contains the 8 Investigators below:


It contains the 4 Artifacts below:

Name Trait
Book of the Dead Item, Relic, Tome
Scales of Thoth Item, Magical, Relic
Shining Trapezohedron Item, Magical
Twin Scepters Item, Magical, Relic


The box contains 24 Spell cards listed here. Each spell has 4 variants.

Name Trait
Alter Fate Glamour
Enchant Weapon Glamour
Enchanting Grace Glamour
Forced Learning Glamour
Shroud of Shadow Glamour
Wrack Incantation


It contains its 16 Asset cards, as we see here:

Name Trait Value
.32 Colt Pocket Item, Weapon 2
Ancient Tome Item, Relic, Tome 2
Ankh Item, Relic 3
Arcane Scroll Trinket, Tome 1
Book of Spells Item, Tome 3
Curiosity Shoppe Service 4
Enchanted Dagger Item, Weapon, Magical 1
Lucky Talisman Trinket, Relic 3
Magic Shoppe Service 2
Magnifying Glass Trinket 1
Psychoanalyst Ally 2
Ritual Candles Trinket 1
Scribe's Journal Item, Tome 1
Sledgehammer Item 2
Treasure Hunter Ally 4
Ward Evil Service 2

Unique Assets

This expansion containts 35 Unique Assets, listed here:

Name Trait Count
Ancient Sword Item - Magical Relic Weapon 1
Canopic Jar Item - Magical Relic 3
Cryptic Text Item - Tome 4
Cursed Tablet Item - Magical Relic 1
Enoch Bowen Ally - Character 1
Erich Weiss Ally - Character 1
Fossilized Samples Item - Relic 3
Halpin Chambers Ally - Character 1
Invoke the Elements Task 3
Jeweled Scarab Trinket - Magical Relic 1
Know Thy Enemy Task 3
Mysterious Idol Item - Magical Relic 3
Ornate Scarab Trinket - Magical Relic 1
Pharaonic Mask Item - Magical Relic 1
Purifying The World Task 3
Treasure Map Trinket 4
Wooden Puppet Ally - Magical Relic 1


It contains 16 Conditions cards, listed here:

Name Traits Count
Amnesia Madness 1
Back Injury Injury 1
Blessed Boon 1
Cursed Bane 1
Despair Madness 4
Diseased Illness 4
Haunted Bane 4



Name Class Spawn Action Reckoning Count
Abhoth Epic 1
Child of Abhoth Epic Yes 1
Cultist Normal Varies Varies 3
Crawling One Normal 1
Fire Vampire Normal Yes 1
Haunter of the Dark Epic 2
Quachil Uttaus Epic 1
Sand Dweller Normal 1
Spawn of Sebak Normal Yes 1
The Beast Epic 1


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