Flavor Text

The twin blasphemies of Shub-Niggurath will prepare the world for their mother's reign.

Prelude Conditions

During Step 5 of setup ("Determine Ancient One"), set aside 2 Ghoul Monsters.

During Step 9 of setup ("Resolve Starting Effects"), if Shub-Niggurath is the Ancient One, search the Mystery deck for the Spawn of Shub-Niggurath Mystery instead of drawing a random Mystery.

After resolving setup, each investigator improves Strength and Will. If playing with the Forsaken Lore expansion, spawn the Yeb Epic Monster on The Amazon. Then, if Shub-Niggurath is not the Ancient One, spawn the Nug Epic Monster on the Amazon.

During this game, the Nug and Yeb Epic Monsters each have toughness equal to Number of Investigators Icon + 4.

While resolving the Nug Epic Monster's Reckoning effect, if a Ghoul Monster cannot be spawned, Investigators lose the game.

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