Card Overview

Name: Tunguska
Card Type: Expedition Encounter
Variants: 6

Encounter Details

ID # Initial Encounter Pass Encounter Fail Encounter
{{{ID # 1}}} {{{Initial Text 1}}} {{{Pass Text 1}}} {{{Fail Text 1}}}
4 You encounter a group of Russian monks fleeing persecution. Something about them seems out of place, and you keep a watchful eye on them as you pass (Observation). Seeing their singed robes, you recognize them as Nestarians. You are suddenly surrounded by flames and must jump through the fire to stop them (Will - 1). If you pass, their ritual is interrupted; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, you witness their horrific profane rites; lose 1 Sanity. You don't suspect anything until they offer you water. YOu take a drink and begin suffering the effects of their poison (Strength - 1). If you pass, the monks run away in fear; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, your mind and body suffer terribly; lose 2 Sanity and gain a Poisoned Condition.
5 A gaunt, sickly stranger sees you and runs into a cloud of gray dust. Resolve the pass effect to call after him; or resolve the fail effect to run into the cloud to try and find the man. You call after the stranger, telling him to you mean no harm (Influence). If you pass, the man emerges and dies holding a strange object; gain 1 Artifact. If you fail, a grotesque, over-sized beast rams you; gain an Internal Injury Condition. You run into the cloud, looking for the man (Observation). If you pass, you quickly find his corpse and a strange object; gain 1 Artifact. If you fail, you spend too long in the gray dust; gain 1 Illness Condition. '

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