Card Overview

Name: The Pyramids
Card Type: Expedition Encounter
Variants: 6

Encounter Details

ID # Initial Encounter Pass Encounter Fail Encounter
{{{ID # 1}}} {{{Initial Text 1}}} {{{Pass Text 1}}} {{{Fail Text 1}}}
4 Once you reach Dashur, you begin digging through the rubble that had once been the White Pyramid, hoping to excavate the ancient burial chambers (Strength - 1). You uncover a vast labyrinth of underground tunnels. Your only hope is to translate the hieroglyphs on the wall (Lore). If you pass, you find your way to the royal treasury; gain 1 Artifact. If you fail, you slowly find your way back to the exit; become Delayed. You exhaust yourself working into the night without result. Lose 1 Health. That night, a snake-eyed man dressed like a bedouin approaches you and offers you a deal. You may gain a Dark Pact to improve 1 skill of your choice.

}ID # 5 = 5

' An Australian veteran of the Great War has a room in the Mena House Hotel. You hear rumors that over the years he has stolen several objects from inside the pyramids. When you confront him on the issue, he starts a fight with you (Strength). Humbled, the soldier tells you about murals within the pyramid. Gain 1 Clue. You search for them (Observation). If you pass, you find a secret painting; advance the active Mystery by 1. If you fail, the foul air takes a toll; gain 1 Illness Condition. The soldier leaves you unconscious in a chamber in the pyramids. You wake up terrified in the dark (Will). If you pass, you hear the whispers of long dead pharaohs; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, you run as fast as you can; gain a Despair Condition. '

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