Card Overview

Name: The Heart of Africa
Card Type: Expedition Encounter
Variants: 6

Encounter Details

ID # Initial Encounter Pass Encounter Fail Encounter
{{{ID # 1}}} {{{Initial Text 1}}} {{{Pass Text 1}}} {{{Fail Text 1}}}
4 In a part of the jungle avoided by all of the local tribes, you find a stone covered with strange dot patterns. You attempt to identify the origin of the shard and interpret the meaning of the patterns (Lore - 1). You identify it as a missing piece of the G'harne Fragments that leads you to a long-forgotten cave. Inside, you search through the ruins of an abandoned lair of elder things (Observation - 1). If you pass, you find a lost treasure; gain 1 Artifact. Your failure hurts your reputation among your peers. Discard all Influence Improvement tokens. Soon, a rival expedition tries to steal the fragment (Strength). If you pass, you escape with the other expedition's notes; gain 2 Clues. If you fail, they leave you wounded; lose 2 Health.
5 Cutting your way through the jungle, you stumble upon a narrow tunnel beneath a towering carving of Cthulhu. The sculpture terrifies you, and you have a hard time making yourself continue (Will). The tunnel leads to a valley adorned with shrines to the Great Old Ones. Gain 1 Clue. These altars are protected by zombies (Strength)! If you pass, you study the shrines; advance the active Mystery by 1. If you fail, you are wounded; lose 2 Health. Terrified, you fall into a catatonic state and suffer strange dreams. You try to interpret your vision (Lore). If you pass, you understand the history of the area, retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, you do not know what is real; gain a Hallucinations Condition. '

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