Card Overview

Name: The Dreamlands
Card Type: Other World Encounter
Test Required: Yes
Clue Required: No
Choice Allowed: No
Variants: 1

Encounter Details

ID # Expansion Initial Encounter Pass Encounter Fail Encounter
25 02
FL Symbol - Small
In Dylath-Leen, a suspicious-looking thug in a dark robe offers you his help. However, he warns you that he's a fugitive being hunted by the prince's agents and will require your protection (Strength - 2). You defend the man from his assailants, and he gratefully invites you aboard his galley to return you to the waking world. Close this Gate. As you speak to him, it is clear he knows many forgotten truths. You may become Delayed to improve Lore. The Eyes of Dylath-Leen capture you and sell you as a slave. You try to persuade the other slaves to fight back (Influence). If you pass, the former slaves gratefully help you; close this Gate. If you fail, you are banished as punishment; gain a Lost in Time and Space Condition.

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