Card Overview

Name: The Amazon
Card Type: Expedition Encounter
Variants: 6

Encounter Details

ID # Initial Encounter Pass Encounter Fail Encounter
{{{ID # 1}}} {{{Initial Text 1}}} {{{Pass Text 1}}} {{{Fail Text 1}}}
4 Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett disappeared in this area of the jungle searching for the Lost City of Z. You search for any signs of the expedition or the legendary city (Observation - 1). You discover a young Kuikuro boy who requires convincing before he'll help you (Influence). If you pass, he brings you to an ancient city where Fawcett has left behind his journal; gain 2 Clues. If you fail, the boy demands payment and disappears; discard 1 Item possession. A mosquito bite leaves you sick and feverish (Strength - 1). If you pass, you recover quickly, feeling better than before; discard 1 Illness or Injury Condition. If you fail, your symptoms grow worse; lose 1 Health and gain a Poisoned Condition.
5 Legends say that the Mapinguari was once a powerful shaman. You search the jungle for any sign of this large, sloth-like beast so that you can track it back to its lair (Observation). You find the Mapinguari and learn it still retains its intelligence. Gain 1 Clue. You ask it for help (Influence). If you pass, it reveals its secrets; advance the active Mystery by 1. If you fail, it takes a sacrifice; discard 1 Item possession. The beast finds you first, attacking you with powerful claws (Strength). If you pass, the creature speaks, revealing powerful arcane knowledge; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, the beast claws at your legs; gain a Leg Injury Condition. '

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