Tasks are a type of asset that can be acquired in Eldritch Horror.

Tasks are similar to other Assets and can be obtained through various means. Some Investigators may start the game with one, or acquire them through other card effects.

Tasks differ from other assets in the sense that they require a certain action to be accomplished in order to complete them and gain their benefit. This requirement can be as simple as moving to a certain location, or may be conditional, such as resolving a test while using a Rest action or casting a Spell.

Some tasks are simple, have only one action, and provide their benefit once completed. These tasks are normal assets, and can be obtained through Acquire Assets.

Task Assets

Name Set Value Abridged Text
Patrolling the Streets Mtns 1 Defeat 3+ toughness monster to retreat doom
Genealogy Research Mtns 1 Defeat 2+ toughness monster and test Observation for 2 clues
Mineralogy Research Mtns 1 Wilderness encounter and test Observation for 2 clues
Newspaper Report Mtns 1 Spend clue from research encounter to retreat doom
Seek the Truth DL 1 Research encounter and spend 3 clues to advance mystery
Specialized Training SR 1 Focus and test Will to improve skill
Investment Mtns 1 Gain funding on reckoning

Task Unique Assets

Task unique assets are flipped when completed. They have multiple versions; an investigator does not know what their reward will be until they complete the task.

Many of these tasks give the option of completing them multiple times before flipping, usually stacking tokens on the card. When the investigator flips the card the reward may be higher. Tasks with many tokens can have extremely powerful effects, such as blessing every investigator, closing multiple gates, or completing mysteries.

Zoey Samaras can spend an action to gain a Task Unique Asset if she currently has fewer than 2 of them.

Title Set

Abridged flip requirement

Bury them Deep 07
TD Symbol - Small
Spend focus when anyone defeats/discards monsters.
Courier Run 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Have an encounter in a specific city.
Dimensional Study 07
TD Symbol - Small
Spend clue when anyone closes/discards a gate.
Enlist The Masses 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Rest and test Influence.
Exploring the Ruins 04
SR Symbol - Small
Spend focus after Expedition/Mystic Ruins encounter.
For the Greater Good 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Spend Number of Investigators Iconclues and sacrifice yourself.
Funding The Cause 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Spend successes during Acquire Assets.
Invoke the Elements 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Rest and test Lore.
Know Thy Enemy 05
UtP Symbol - Small
Gain clues during research encounters.
Light of Reason 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Spend Clue when Clues gained during Research Encounter.
Mastering The Art 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Improve Skills.
Purifying The World 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Defeat monsters.
Prayer 04
SR Symbol - Small
Rest and test Will.
Sacrifices to Make 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Focus and spend health.
Sealing the Old Ones 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Cast and discard spells.
Seeking the Masters 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Spend 2 or more successes during Acquire Assets
Turning The Tide 06
SoC Symbol - Small
May flip if doom advanced or ancient one awoken this turn.
Unspeakable Research 07
TD Symbol - Small
Rest and test Observation.
Walking the Ley Lines 03
MoM Symbol - Small
Close gates.
Wave of Destruction 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Spend health after successful Lore check during Spell effects.

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