Talent conditions are innate abilities similar to Spells. Some function as an action while others provide a passive or triggered benefit. Many require a skill test. Once invoked, the player must generally flip the talent and resolve the effect on the back. This generally determines whether the player is able to retain the talent, how successful the talent is, and may apply additional costs, choices or benefits.

Talents can be gained from several encounters, especially encounters in the city of Ulthar the Dreamlands Board. The Focused Training prelude allows investigators to gain talents more easily.

Amanda Sharpe can gain talents by spending improvement tokens, and Rita Young may spend 1 Health or Sanity to gain a talent.

Name Key Skill Set Basic Effect
Attuned Lore 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Lore bonus for spell effects.
Composed - 07
TD Symbol - Small
Benefit Skill Tests
Elusive Observation 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Avoid Monsters
Guts Will 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Will boost during Combat Encounters.
Headstrong Will 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Prevent Sanity Loss
Martial Prowess Strength 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Strength bonus in Combat encounters
Meditation - 09
MoN Symbol - Small
Gain 1 Focus or recover 1 Sanity on Focus or Rest Action.
Moxie Will 07
TD Symbol - Small
Reroll Will dice

Reduce Sanity Loss

Perceptive Observation 09
MoN Symbol - Small
Reroll Observation dice

Spend Clue to reroll two dice

Practiced - 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Rereoll 1 die and gain 1 die.
Quick Study - 07
TD Symbol - Small
Gain Talents
Relentless - 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Reduce toughness of Monsters
Resilient Strength 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Prevent Health Loss
Rugged Strength 08
CiR Symbol - Small
Reroll Strength

Prevent Health Loss

Silver Tongued Influence 09
MoN Symbol - Small
Reroll Influencedice

Add 1 success to Acquire Assets.

Skulduggery Observation 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Gain Assets
Studious Will 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Improve Skills
Visions Lore 07
TD Symbol - Small
Reroll Lore dice

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Composed is a powerful talent that is also a Boon. It helps the investigators with all skill checks. If the investigator fails a check they flip the talent; they may keep it for a small cost, or discard it to gain a bonus. Practiced is not a boon, but provides the same effect.

Meditation, Moxie, Perceptive, Rugged, Silver Tongued, and Visions allow you to reroll dice. They have advantageous triggered abilities that require a flip. The flip effects are strictly beneficial and cannot cause you to discard them.

Attuned, Elusive, Guts, Headstrong, Martial Prowess, Relentless, Skulduggery and Studious provide advantages which require a skill check and a flip. The skill check determines how effective the talent is, and how positive or negative the flip effect is. A poor skill check may require you to discard the talent.

Quick Study allows you to gain an additional talent when you gain it or any other talent. It then flips and requires you to either discard it, discard another talent, or meet some other requirement. Quick Study can be ignored when gained; simply choose to draw another talent and then resolve Quick Study's flip effect by discarding it.