The Nun


  • Action: Test Will. For each success, you or another investigator on any space may discard 1 Madness Condition.
  • You and other investigators on your space add 1 to the result of each die rolled as part of a Bane or Boon Condition effect.

Flavor Text


"The Lord watches over my path. I am armored in faith."


Sister Mary speaks very little of her life before taking her vows. Like so many other young girls, she came from a small town and dreamed of something greater than a small life. The Lord provided. Through His path, she has become a lion of compassion and virtue. She has a natural ability and people are often surprised how driven she is to serve God’s will. The church has sent her to South Africa to investigate a possibly demonic presence. Mary plans to approach the question as she always does, with a clear mind and an unshakable faith.

Team Role

Mary is a powerful support character and all-rounder. She can either operate alone as a researcher or gate closer, or travel with another investigator. Whomever she chooses to bless using her holy water will benefit from the condition more than normal, as her passive ability means the condition only has a 1 in 6 chance of being lost during a Reckoning effect. She also benefits teams of investigators with low Will, able to remove the Madness conditions they will be susceptible to.