The Nun


  • Action: Test Will. For each success, you or another investigator on any space may discard 1 Madness Condition.
  • You and other investigators on your space add 1 to the result of each die rolled as part of a Bane or Boon Condition effect.

Flavor Text


"The Lord watches over my path. I am armored in faith."


Sister Mary speaks very little of her life before taking her vows. Like so many other young girls, she came from a small town and dreamed of something greater than a small life. The Lord provided. Through His path, she has become a lion of compassion and virtue. She has a natural ability and people are often surprised how driven she is to serve God’s will. The church has sent her to South Africa to investigate a possibly demonic presence. Mary plans to approach the question as she always does, with a clear mind and an unshakable faith.

Team Role


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