The Sailor


  • Action: Move 1 space along a Ship path, then perform 1 additional action.
  • If you are on a Sea space, investigators on your space roll 1 additional die when resolving tests.


"Leave your fears on the docks, lads. I'll not carry that cargo. The wind is up! Full sail!"


Even as a child in Innsmouth, Silas had a special connection to the sea. He's an able and well-reasoned man on land, but on the ocean he possesses a singular strengthand wit. It's earned him a sterling reputation in every port across the globe, particularly in Sydney, where Silas set ashore last night. But this morning, the smell of the briny air carries dread as well as joy. There is something in his past, something in Innsmouth, that he knows will some day catch up to him.

Team Role


Likely inspired by/intended to be related to Obed Marsh, "A sea captain and the founder of the Esoteric Order of Dagon in Innsmouth." (Note the mention of Innsmouth and the family name Marsh in the bio). However, as Silas is more pro- than ant- agonist, he is also possibly partially inspired by sailor Steve Costigan.

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