A Service is a type of Asset the player can obtain in a game of Eldritch Horror. They are usually obtained through an Acquire Assets action.

Unlike most assets, services are not kept in inventory: They provide a benefit immediately to the player, and are discarded once their effect is resolved.

Roland Banks has a unique ability in which he may separate service assets on the reserve and set them aside to be distributed later.

Service Assets

Name Trait Set Value
Agency Quarantine Service Core 4
Agency Stakeout Service CiR 3
Appeal to Council Service FL 1
Assassination Service SoC 2
Charter Flight Service Core 1
Consecration Service SR 2
Courier Needed! Service Mtns 1
Curiosity Shoppe Service Pyr 4
Delivery Service Service, Teamwork Core 1
Divination Service DL 1
Intelligence Report Service FL 3
Lavish Feast Service SR 1
Magic Shoppe Service Pyr 2
Mission Briefing Service CiR 1
News Report Service CiR 1
Night Classes Service DL 2
Police Assistance Service FL 1
Police Raid Service DL 3
Private Care Service Core 2
Private Flight Service CiR 2
Rumor Mill Service SoC 1
Sanctuary Service Core 2
Search the Archives Service Mtns 2
Silver Twilight Host Service CiR 3
Silver Twilight Ritual Service Core 3
Three-card Monte Service SoC 1
Training Regimen Service CiR 2
Ward Evil Service Pyr 2
Wireless Report Service, Teamwork Core 1

Service Unique Assets


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