Card Overview

Name: Secrets of the Past
Card Type: Mythos
Expansion: 01Core
Traits: Ongoing - Rumor
Color: Blue
Difficulty: Easy
Icons: Spawn Clues

Card Front

Flavor Text: At the market you learn that another group of men have been asking about the same lost temple. You hope you get there first.
Effect: Investigators cannot resolve Expedition Encounters.

As an encounter, an investigator on the Active Expedition space may attempt to uncover secrets lost to time and history (Observation). If he passes, he may spend Clues equal to half Number of Investigators Icon to solve this Rumor.

Reckoning: Search the Expedition Encounter deck for each card corresponding to the Active Expedition and return those cards to the game box. Then, if the Expedition Encounter deck is empty, investigators lose the game.

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