Flavor Text Pass Effect Fail Effect
The ancient civilization that built this place apepars to have warded it against outsiders. You have somehow activated the security mechanism. Frantically, you search for a way to disable it (Observation-1). The guardian spirits of these ruins appear, and you implore them to help you. (Influence). you may discard 1 Relic possesion to roll 2 additional dice. If you test result is equal to or greater than the number of Eldritch token on the Omen track, the spirits will help; place 1 Clue on the Ancient One Sheet. Otherwise, the guardians banish you; move to a random space. 

Ancient magic swirls aroudn you and your allies, repelling all who do not belong. 

Each investigator on this space moves to a random space unless he discards 1 Relic possession.

On the far side of the portal, you find yourself in a massive amphitheater, suspended in the vast emptiness of space. In the center, the Dark Man, presiding over a jury of faceless beings, informs you from his bench that humanity is on trial (Influence-1). The jury listen to your claims. As you list your accomplishments, you search for any indication of approval amongst the jurors (Observation-1); add 1 success to your test result for each solved Mystery. If your test result is 3 or greater, place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. Otherwise, humanity is declared guilty; lose 2 Sanity. 

Despte your efforts, your well-reasoned arguments do not move the jury. The Dark Man strieks the bench with his gavel, unmaking you in an instant.

You are Devoured.

Underneath the ruins, a horrible maze stands between you and a ritual chamber you might use to help close to the portal. Running through the labyrinthine corridors of the subterranean tomb, the walls often shift and fade, leaving yuo disoriented (Observation-1). In the center of the labyrinth, you attempt to convince a possessed madman not to destroy the ritual stones (Influence-1). If you pass, he becomes quite and allows you to complete your work; You may discard 1 Relic possession to place 1 Clue on the Ancient One Sheet. If you fail, he attacks you; lose 2 Health

As you round a sharp corner, the stone beneath you feet gives way, and you plunge silently into the chilling emptiness of the infinite void. 

You are Devoured. 

the high pitched howl of an ancient ritual reverberates throughout the energy-charged ruins, but the massive portal in the sky remains unaffected. You realize that one of the gargantuan standing stones is out of place, and try to move it (Strength-1). With a great rumble, a beam of pure white light fires into the portal. Immediately, your mind is assaulted by an elder being (Will-1); add 1 success to your test result for each solved Mystery. If your test result is 3 or greater, you shut the being uot; place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. Otherwise, gain 2 Madness Conditions. 

Unable to complete the ritual, you collapse at the foot of the giant stone. In the sky above, the portal is ablze with a dark fire. It pulses once, and swallows you whole.

You are Devoured. 

The ritual causes the landscape to twist and shatter around you, dissolving into nothingness. The endless universe lays before you, the light of the stars your only guide. Lost and alone , you try desperately not to fall into despair (Will-1). Resolved to survive, you attempt to divine the location of Earth (Observation). If your test result is equal to or greater than the number of Eldritch tokens on the Omen track, you return home safely, place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. Itherwise, servants of the Idiot God capture and torment you; gain 2 Injury Conditions. 

Hopeless and so far from home, you fear that you will never make it back in time. No sooner than the thought crosses your mind, your guiding star flickers out. 

You are Devoured. 

You heart sinks as a thundering bellow from the portal in the sky reaches you in the ancient ruins. You frantically attempt to invoke a magical seal to complete the ritual quickly, before the spawn of the Idiot God can pass through the portal (Lore-1). Before you can complete the final incantation, a single black tentacle snakes downward through the portal (Will); roll 1 fewer die for each Eldritch token on the Omen track. If you pass, the portal shrinks, severing the tenacle; place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. If you fail, your concentration falters; resolve the fail effect.

Unfazed by your attempts to halt its advance a horrifying mass of fleshy chaos emerges from the portal.

Spawn the Spawn of Azathoth Epic Monster on this space.

Within the ruins, a shining crystal sits in an ornate box atop a pedestal. You think that you can use it to strengthen the ancien magic that protects the world, but once the sparkling gem rests in your hand, it is a struggle to avert your gaze (Will-1). You resolve to fight the crystal's hold on you, but it will take all of your power (Lore-1); you may spend up to 3 Health and up to 3 Sanity to roll 1 additional die for each Health or Sanity spent. If your test result is 3 or greater, it grows dim as its magic is spent; place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. If you fail, resolve the fail effect.

Unable to master the crystal a winged beast with three burnings eyes bursts from within and merges with your body. 

Gain 1 Bane Condition, 1 Injury Condition, and 1 Madness Condition

With the portal glaring down upon you, and the world smothered by the eclipse, dark thoughts plague you. Can you really trust those close to you? What dark motivations could they be harboring (Will-1)? You overcome your anxiety and resolve to complete the ritual to seal the portal, taking comfort in the presence of your allies and all they have done for you (Lore-1); add 1 success to your result for each solved Mystery. If your test result is 3 or geater, place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. Otherwise, the magic goes awry, a Monster ambushes you!

As you allow yourself to be consumed by the dark thoughts, they escape from the prison of your mind and take form. 

Spawn 1 Monste on this space for each investigator on this space.

In the deepest chamber under the ruins, you find a tiny silver key. Upon touching it, you feel yourself slipping into another dimension. As your hurtle through space, you attempt to control the key's power and your final destination among the stars (Lore-1). The stars converge into a tall figure that you recognize as Umr at-Tawil. He offers to share his knowledge of the syzygy with you (Will-1). If you pass, you may gain a Dark Pact Condition to place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. If you fail or do not gain the Condition, Yog-Southoth's avatar ejects you from the void; spawn 1 Gate and move to that space.  Unable to control the stream of energy, you are drawn through a rift in time, and the key is destroyed. Spawn 1 Gate, move to that space, and encounter that Gate. 
At the heart of the ruins, the eclipse reveals an ancient portal which leads to the domain of an elder god. You must summon the courage to enter the realm of the long-forgotten protector, or all that you have accomplished may become lost (Will-1). Through the portal, you attempt to locate the master's dwelling (Observation-1). If you pass, the elder god will help you for a price; you may spend 3 Health and 3 Sanity to place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet. If you fail or do not spend the Health and Sanity, you are reutned home; resolve the fail effect. 

Unable to live up to the responsbility, you turn your gaze heavenward. In the sky above you, the sun is occulted in its entirety, and the world falls into shadow. 

Advance the Omen by 1. 

A spawn os Azathoth has materialized from the darkening portal to attack the ritual site. You lead its attention away from the ritual in hopes of subduing it. As you skirmish with the writhing horror, you attempt to discern it weaknesses (Observation-1). Admist the flailing tentacles you spot its pulasting heart. You utter ap rayer to Nodens and attack (Strength-1); you may gain a Dark Pact condition to roll 3 additional dice. If your test result is equal to or greater than the number of Eldritch toekens on the Omen track, the beast is slain. Place 1 Clue on the Ancient One sheet.

The fetid abomination pierces your side with a razor-like talon and locks you in its gaze, eroding you to your very core. 

Lose 3 Health and 3 Sanity. 

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