Flavor Text

A chill wind makes its way down from the frozen, arctic tundra, and with it comes something much worse. Rumors of cannibalism and strange sightings on the edges of civilization are on the lips of every passerby, even as their breath turns to a frozen mist before them. The signs all point to one thing: Ithaqua, the harbinger of endless winter, is stirring.

Prelude Conditions

Before step 8 of setup ("Build Mythos Deck"), set aside the Wind-Walker Rumor Mythos card.

After resolving setup, if Ithaqua is the Ancient One, advance the Omen by 1. If Ithaqua is not the Ancient One, place The Wind-Walker Rumor Mythos card in play with 6 Eldritch Tokens on it.

Then each investigator may gain a Hypothermia Condition to gain 1 Clue and 1 Focus.

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