The Fed


Action: You may set aside any number of Service Assets from the reserve.

Once per round, you or another investigator may gain 1 Service Asset that you have set aside, discard 1 card from the reserve, or spawn 1 Clue.

Flavor Text


"Dot every 'i', cross every 't'"


Even those who work closely with Roland would never say they know him well. They know he is a tireless agent for the Bureau of Investigation with a knack for conspiracies and the occult. They know he follows every letter of the law-even to his own detriment-and that his belief in the justice of the law is second to none. But they do not know him. Thy do not know the things he has seen or the doubts that cloud his thoughts. If ever his faith in the system was shaken, they would never know. He says nothing. He sees everything.

Team Role

Roland can set aside Service assets to be used later, which is very useful since they can be taken later. He also has a high Observation skill and the ability to spawn clues, making him great for Research Encounters.


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