The Athlete


  • Action: You may spend 1 Health or 1 Sanity to gain 1 Talent Condition.
  • Add 1 to the result of each die rolled as part of an Illness, Injury, or Madness Condition effect.

Flavor Text


"You got a bone to pick? Fine by me. I don't need your permission to leave you in the dust."


Clocks do not lie. In the past, people said hurtful things to Rita. They threatened her. But since she started running competitively, Rita has only cared about the clock. Most of the time, it says that Rita is faster than the rest. It says she is stronger and has trained harder. Now she competes around the world and has attracted some unwanted attention. The prejudices of certain esoteric cults cannot tolerate her successes. They plan to make an example of her. But they will have to catch her, and the clock says they cannot.

Team Role