A Rest action is an action the player may undertake during the Investigator Phase. It allows them to spend one of their actions to recover 1 point of Health and 1 point of Sanity.

Some items, like the Fresh Fruit, trigger during a Rest Action. Many negative Conditions allow the player to roll a check or a die roll in order to remove the condition before a Reckoning event can trigger them during a rest action. The player may attempt to remove as many conditions as he likes during a rest action.

A player may not use a Rest Action if he shares a space with a monster.

While Hypnos is the Ancient One, investigators who undertake rest actions may only choose to recover health or sanity, not both.

If The Dreamlands side board is in play, investigators may attempt to enter the Dreamlands during a Rest action by a Will-1 check, or by spending a Clue.

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