Initial Text Pass Effect Fail Effect Expansion
As you approach the uncharted island, you hear the sound of a cannon and feel the deck shudder. You ship is badly damaged, and if you hope to survive, you must overpower the crew aboard the gunship Alert, the source of the cannon fire (Strength-1). Once you have control of the ship, you find that it was filled with cultist devoted to Cthulhu. You search through their notes for information about the island (Observation-1). If you pass, you find a folder with everything you need to know; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. The Alert's crew kill all of the sailors you were traveling with and knock you unconscious. When you wake up, you find yourself tied up in up in their makeshift brig. Gain a Detained Condition. 01Core
Enormous silhouettes of flying creatures descend from the clouds. The star spawn have arrived! They attack with blood-chilling ferocity (Strength-1). You survive their onslaught and hide yourself in a small cavern. You wait there for reprieve, listening to the terrible alien shrieks of the creatures (Will-1). If you pass, they eventually relent; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the noise places horrible images into your mind; gain a Hallucinations Condition. They crush you against the stones. You have no hope of standing up against their might; lose 3 Health. 01Core
You swim up to the slimy rocks and walk into the corpse city of R'lyeh. Inside, cyclopean, green, stone blocks meet at non-Euclidean angles. The very sight of this alien construction threatens to shatter your mind (Will-1). Trying not to focus on the architecture, you instead take note of a series of hieroglyphics inscribed on the walls. You desperately try to interpret them for useful information (Lore -1). If you pass, place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. Your life up until this moment has been a dream from which you are just awakening. You now understand that your true purpose is to offer yourself up as sacrifice to Cthulhu. Lose 3 Sanity. 01Core
Hundreds of deep ones surface from the water, crawling up the green stones. You hide yourself and watch their priest perform a strange ritual (Observation-1). Although you cannot understand the words, the ritual reminds you of a similar ceremony performed by human cults (Lore-1). If you pass, you recognize the moment when they will close their eyes and take the opportunity to escape; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you misinterpret the chant; resolve the fail effect. A loud croak informs you that one of the deep ones has spotted you. The monstrous fish creatures descend upon you from all sides. Lose 3 Health. 01Core
At the very peak of the island, you encounter a massive stone door featuring a horrific bas-relief of a dragon-like creature. Strange symbol are carved along the edge of the door. Some of the icons resemble drawings you've seen in books (Lore-1). You spot a protective ward out of pace, hanging precariously. A member of your crew is on top of the door frame next to the ward. You warn him to carefully replace it (Influence-1). If you pass, he does as you ask; place 1 Eldritch token on the active mystery. f you fail, he fumbles it, resolve the fail effect. Somewhere on the other side of the enormous door, you hear a thunderous splashing sound and feels the ground shake as something approaches the island's surface. Advance Doom by 1. 01Core
You recognize the alien landscape from a dream you've had. Lose 1 Sanity. You try to remember as many details as you can from the dream to navigate through the city (Observation-1). You make your way to a hidden chamber lined with strange glyphs carved into the stone. Some of the symbols seem familiar (Lore-1). If you pass, you learn the story of how the elder things trapped Cthulhu in the city; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the images fester in your subconscious; gain a Paranoia Condition. You quickly become lost and tumble down a long stone slope. Gain a Leg Injury Condition. As you climb to your feet you realize you're not alone. Spawn 1 Monster on your space. 01Core
A swarm of elder things bursts out of the water and flies over the large stone outcroppings. One of the creatures takes notice of you. It swoops out of the sky and tries to entangle you in its tendrils (Strength-1). You keep the creature at bay, but several others have taken notice. You try to recall what you know of elder things (Lore-1). If you pass, you know that they are enemies of Cthulhu, here to prevent his return, and you lie down and let them pass over you; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you run in a panic; resolve the fail effect. You are lifted into the air and thrown to the ground; gain a Back Injury Condition, a Leg Injury Condition, and an Internal Injury Condition. 02
FL Symbol - Small
Large tablets of black stone tower above you, each engraved with an R'lyehian, the blasphemous language of the star spawn (Lore-1). You translate the strange symbols, used to invoke Dagon. You quickly shield your thoughts from his influence (Will-1). If you pass, you push the alien intelligence from your mind; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you retain control as long as you can before passing out; lose 1 Sanity and become Delayed. As you look at the tablets, a powerful presence invades your mind. Dagon floods your soul with corruption. Lose 2 Sanity and gain a Cursed Condition. 02
FL Symbol - Small

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