Mystery Name: R'lyeh Risen
Ancient One: Cthulhu
Expansion: 01Core
Requires Clues: No
Requires Spells: No
Eldritch Tokens Placed: No
Requires Artifact: No
Epic Monster: No

Flavor Text

Eons ago, the city of R'lyeh was plunged to the bottom of the ocean by some forgotten disaster. It has remained trapped there, waiting for the right time to resurface. Now, that moment has finally arrived.

Mystery Conditions

When this card enters play, place the Mystery token on space 3.

As an encounter, an investigator on space 3 may explore the island city of R'lyeh by resolving a R'lyeh Risen Special Encounter.

At the end of the Mythos Phase, if there are Eldritch tokens on this card equal to half Number of Investigators Icon, solve this Mystery

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