Initial Text Pass Effect Fail Effect
You enter a supposedly abandoned basement and discover a young woman restrained and tethered to some alien device. You attempt to decipher the alien language and disable to device (Lore). You manage to disable the device, but now you must find a way to release her before her captors return (Observation). If you pass, you free her and escape; place this Clue on the active Mystery. If you fail, you search too long without finding anything; resolve the fail effect The device whirs and flows. A portal opens and a ghastly creature slithers through the opening. A Shoggoth Monster ambushes you!
You've been deputized to lead a police raid on a warehouse believed to be a safe house for the human trafficking ring (Influence). Once inside, you find a half-dozen tentacled creatures. The sight shocks the raiding party, and you must keep them together (Will); If you pass, you drive off the alien threat; place this Clue on the active Mystery. If you fail, an Elder Thing Monster ambushes you! The raiding party is restless and charges before you give the command, only to set off a magical trap. The building is incinerated, leaving no survivors. Lose 2 Sanity.
Your investigation into the human trafficking has led you to the Administration Building. You stake out the building all night trying to catch the perpetrator in the act (Observation). Your vigilance pays off, and you discover the mayor being controlled by alien magic (Lore). If you pass, you break the geas and listen to what he has to say; place this Clue on the Active Mystery. If you fail, you cannot free him from the geas; lose 1 Sanity. You watch the building for the whole night but having nothing to show for it. You begin to wonder if you've been deceived. Lose 1 Sanity and gain a Paranoia Condition.
A number of tourists have disappeared from a local inn during the night. The innkeeper isn't cooperating with the police, you suspect foul play. You sneak into the inn at night to investigate (Observation). You discover a hidden door in the basement that leads to an underground laboratory (Lore). If you pass, you recognize the experiment as alien in nature; place this Clue on the active Mystery. If you fail, you do not understand the lab's purpose; lose 1 Sanity. The innkeeper is waiting for you. She opens a bottle and the black sludge inside expands and comes to life. A Proto-Shoggoth Monster ambushes you!
The police have captures a smuggler who reveals that a group of missing persons are being transported out of the city. You attempt to negotiate with the smuggler to learn where the victims are being taken (Influence). You follow the smuggler's instruction and arrive at a warehouse protected by a magic barrier (Lore). If you pass, you dispel the magic and rescue the missing persons; place this Clue on the active Mystery. If you fail, the magic is too powerful. Lose 1 Sanity. The smuggler's lies have led you astray, and the missing persons have already been moved to another location. Lose 1 Sanity and discard this Clue.
During the course of your investigation into the disappearing citizens, a contact in the police department points you to an abandoned warehouse by the docks (Observation). You sneak into the warehouse undetected and find a group of missing citizens. The stare at you with vacant eyes and you attempt to break the magic that controls them (Lore). If you pass, place this Clue on the active Mystery. If you fail, the magic relents; lose 2 Sanity. Your clumsy attempt to infiltrate the warehouse has given the elder things enough time to escape with their captives. An Elder Thing Monster ambushes you!
You have gone to the police in the hopes of finding fresh leads in the disappearance of several citizens, but the lieutenant aiding you is acting strangely (Influence). You recognize that the lieutenant is under a geas and attempt to steal his case files before making your escape (Observation). If you pass, place this Clue on the active Mystery. If you fail, he tries to keep his secret from getting out; lose 1 Health and gain 1 Injury Condition. The lieutenant knocks you out and leaves you in an alley. You realize that you cannot trust the police, and might not be able to trust anyone; lose 1 Sanity and gain a Paranoia Condition.
You pursue a smuggler trough the winding streets, intent on making him tell you everything he knows about the recent human trafficking (Strength). You tackle the smuggler and interrogate him (Observation-1). If you pass, he breaks under your intense questioning and tells you where to find the missing citizens; place this Clue on the active Mystery. If you fail, he resists and escapes; lose 1 Health You five at the smuggler's legs, but he avoids you, and you crash into a garbage can. Lose 1 Sanity and gain 1 Injury Condition.

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