The Archaeologist


  • Action: You may discard 1 Artifact to retreat Doom by 1; or discard the top card of the Expedition Encounter deck and perform 1 additional action.
  • After resolving an Expedition Encounter, gain 1 Relic Unique Asset.

Flavor Text


"To find a treasure like that, I'll risk a few poison darts."


Young Jack traveled the world with his father's archaeological expeditions. He acquired the nickname "Monterey" after a bout of quinine-induced jaundice turned his skin yellow. Once grown, Jack became an accomplished archaeologist in his own right. Now he must explore his own past. His father was found murdered with an arcane sigil carved into the old man's forehead. Here in Cairo, he has seen men wearing this sigil on pendants around their neck. It is time for Jack to start digging.

Team Role


Monterey Jack is the name of a cheese, the name of a rat from a Disney cartoon, and a homologue of Indiana Jones (name of a place + name starting with J).

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