The Gangster


  • Action: If you are on a City space, you may gain 1 Item or Service Asset of your choice from the reserve. If you do, gain a Wanted Condition.
  • Once per round, you may reroll 1 die when resolving a Deal or Pursuit Condition.

Flavor Text


"Don't care if it's a god. If it crosses me, it's gonna regret it."


When the O'Bannion gang needs to send a message, they send the big man, Michael McGlen. Not long ago, his friend Fast Louie Farrell was attacked by a bunch of inhuman things with ugly, fish-like faces. They sliced him up and dragged him under the water. McGlen took it personally. The word has spread: McGlen has loaded up his Thompson and everyone else had best get out of the way. His first stop is London where he intends to find out what those creatures are called and where he has to go to kill every last one of them.

Team Role

With his high starting Strength, decent Will, and starting Weapon, Michael is excellent for taking out Monsters, making him a good fit for Ancient Ones like Shub-Niggurath. The ability to gain items or services from the reserve in exchange for a Wanted Condition can be useful in a pinch. Because his effect works for any deal, Dark Pacts may be less of a hindrance for him, because it is unlikely he will roll two 1's in a row.


Irish gangs were not uncommon in New England during the era of Eldritch Horror.

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