The Entertainer


  • Action: Perform an action you have already performed this round.
  • If you would spend or lose Sanity as part of a Spell effect, you may spend or lose 1 fewer Sanity as part of that effect.


"I used to sing as grand-mère made potions and charms."


Marie has come a long way from the Louisiana marshes of her youth. These days, "The Smoky Velvet" sings the blues in elegant nightclubs around the world, but it was grand-mère's dying wish that sent Marie to the Kingdom of Sarawak, where an old evil had returned. Marie doesn't believe she can help, but only a fool didn't listen to grand-mère. Now memories of strange nursery rhymes she used to recite have begun flooding back. People called grand-mère a witch. Maybe Marie's got some witchcraft in her blood, too.

Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

  • Marie Lambeau's passive ability allow her to pay only 1 health to activate the Voice of Ra.

Team Role

With her high Influence, Marie is good at Acquiring Assets to assist in her endeavors, such as weapons. Her decent Lore also makes her a great person to get spells to destroy monsters or seal Gates.


Likely a reference to Marie Laveau, a famous New Orleans voodoo mystic.