The Researcher


  • Action: Draw 2 Clues from the Clue pool. Spawn 1 of them and discard the other.
  • After resolving a Research Encounter, if you gained exactly 1 Clue from that encounter, gain 1 additional Clue.

Flavor Text


"I will find a way to end this horror. I will not stop searching."


Ever since she was a child, Mandy would read when she could not sleep. Such has been the case on many nights. Her remarkable memory and ability to correlate facts have made her a highly sought-after researcher around the world. Over time, her work has required her to read strange occult texts. These bizarre tomes have slowly caused her to suspect that an ancient being will arise to destroy humanity. Recently, the scrolls she has been reading in Shanghai have made it clear that the world is in immediate danger.

Team Role


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