The Actress


  • Action: Spend any number of Improvement tokens, then improve 1 skill of your choice for each token spent (a "+2" token counts as 2 tokens).
  • Once per round, an investigator on your space may roll 1 additional die when resolving a test.

Flavor Text


"I've played so many roles. Madness is to be expected."


Around the world, Lola has performed dramatic roles for sold-out houses. However, after being cast in the controversial play, The King in Yellow, Lola needed to "take some time" to recover for her "exhaustion." Now that she has checked herself out of the asylum, she's ready for her big comeback. But this time she'll play a different role in the fight against the horrors that threaten this world. She's started by traveling to Tokyo to track down the other surviving cast member of her previous theatrical endeavor.

Team Role

Lola's ability to use an action to change her skills (and improve one right off the bat) enables her to adapt to whatever task the group might be lacking in. With her high Influence, she does well with acquiring assets. Since an investigator can roll an extra die if she is with them, she's a great support-type character.