The Martial Artist


  • Action: Spend any number of Health or Sanity, then recover an equal number of Health or Sanity.
  • When you improve a skill, you may immediately improve that skill again.


"I have been preparing to confront this evil for my entire life. My focus must be absolute."


Lily speaks rarely and when she does, her words are measured and wise. After a lifetime of disciplined training, every gesture is graceful, uncluttered by hesitation. When she was an infant, an obscure sect of monks believed that she was born for a special purpose, to face a great evil. Now, the monks believe that the great evil is at hand, and they have brought Lily to Shanghai to begin fulfilling her destiny.

Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

  • If Lily gets to improve a skill before the first round of the game starts, her passive ability does apply.
  • Lily Chen’s passive ability does not trigger itself. If she gets to improve a skill that is impaired, she'll still only get one extra improvement.

Team Role


Possibly inspired by the Street Fighter character Chun Li.

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