The Expedition Leader


  • Action: Test Influence. If you pass, gain 1 Ally Asset of your choice from the reserve or the discard pile
  • If you are on a Wilderness space, investigators on your space roll 1 additional die when resolving tests.

Flavor Text


"Keep moving. You can die on your own time."


Leo Anderson has spent his whole life getting into the deadliest and most obscure corners of the globe. Along the way, he's lost good people. Fever takes some; others are claimed by wild beasts. After a recent, disastrous venture in the Yucatan, Leo barely made it back to Buenos Aires alive. He's sick of burying the people who trusted him. But the job's not done yet. The world is in danger, and crying in his drink won't fix that. He's picked up a little hired help here, and in the morning, he'll head back out into the wild.

Team Role

Leo's well-rounded stats, starting asset and ability to easily gain allies makes him a strong investigator and an excellent choice for first time players.


Possibly inspired by H. Rider Haggard characters Allan Quatermain ("King Solomon's Mines") and Leo Vincey ("She").