Flavor Text

Tonight, you dream of a desolate Earth, collapsing under the weight of the cosmos blaring down from above. Just when you feel as if you are about to be torn apart, you notice a faint light beneath your feet. Kneeling down to inspect it closer, you find a tiny glowing key. You try to pick it up, but the closer your hand gets, the more difficult it is to shrug off the pain.

In a final desperate push, the tip of your finger brushes the key, and the crushing pressure dissipates. Life blossoms around you with each step you take, pushing back the darkness. You realize with sudden clarity that you hold the key to the salvation of mankind. You know what you must do.

Prelude Conditions

After resolving setup, each investigator may spend 2 Sanity to gain 2 Task Unique Assets and then discard 1 of those cards.

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