The Scientist


  • Action: If you are on a space containing a Gate, discard 1 Monster on your space with toughness less than your Observation.
  • If a Gate would spawn on your space, discard that Gate and gain 1 Clue instead.

Flavor Text


"Professor Young taught me that everything is simpler than it seems. The connection is there if you look for it."


Quiet and resourceful, Kate Winthrop has been obsessed with studying dimensional instability ever since her friend and mentor Professor Young was devoured by a beast from another world. Following a peculiar dream and a string of mysterious disappearances, Kate has come to the University of Buenos Aires to continue her research. Now that preliminary testing has been completed on her flux stabilizer, Kate is no longer content to sit idly by. She is determined to seek revenge for the death of her colleague.

Team Role

Kate is well suited for research. However, her abilities are oriented around preventing gates from opening and removing Monsters on Gate spaces, making her useful in dealing with gates.


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