Initial Text Pass Effect Fail Effect
Digging up the red clay-like earth of the area, you find a tube made of a strange type of metal. You open it and find a long scroll that describes K'n-Yan in detail (Lore-1). You learn the story of a conquistador who became trapped in the underground city. This reminds you of other similar stories you've heard. You may spend 1 Clue to place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you do not spend the Clue, you feel a sense of dread reading his story; gain a Paranoia Condition Although you cannot decipher the scroll, you later recognize the engravings on the metal tube as a warning (Lore). If you fail, you cannot prevent the magic from harming you; lose 1 Sanity and gain a Cursed Condition
As you reach the top of the mound and approach the entrance to the underground city, you are confronted by the animated corpse of a headless woman (Will) The creature seems to mean you no harm/ Although communicating is difficult, you ask her for help in navigating K'n-Yan(Influence-1). If you pass, she serves as your guide; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you wander long caverns; move to an adjacent space and become Delayed. In a panic, you attack the creature, much to your regret. Lose 1 Health and gain an Internal Injury Condition.
You push open the massive doors of the temple and find almost every surface covered with gold. You gather as much of the precious metal as you can carry (Strength-1). You've secured a fortune in gold. Improve Influence. As you leave, a whispered hiss begins to emerge from the stolen items. You attempt to protect yourself from the venomous hex placed on the treasure (Lore-1). If you fail, gain a Poisoned Condition. You struggle to carry the gold from the temple, dropping much along the way (Observation-1). If you pass you notice you've been deceived by an illusion, and you inspect the "treasure" place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery.
At the entrance, a horrifying malformed creature staggers toward you. When it gets near, you see that it is the animated remains of a man's mutilated corpse. The creature attacks you (Strength-1)! After overpowering this creature, you find a strange message carved into its chest (Lore). If you pas, you see that this was once an intruder like you; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you do not understand the warning; gain a Cursed Condition. The creature throws you against the rocky wall. Lose 1 Health. You cannot enter K'n-an, and its ancient mysteries remain unexplored, but you must not lose hope (Will-1). If you fail, advance Doom by 1.
You are surrounded by an army of ghost-like men, each one riding a strange translucent beast. They flood your mind with strange images, nearly overpowering your thoughts (Will-1). These beings crave knowledge of the outside world, and you provide them with as much information as you can (Lore). If you pass, they share the history of K'n-Yan with you; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail they try to keep you trapped in these caverns; Lose 2 Sanity and become Delayed. These immortal beings fill your mind with centuries of cruel, decadent memories. Gain a Hallucinations Condition. You attempt to banish the images from your mind (Lore-1). If you fail, lose 2 Sanity.
As you pass further into the caves, you see two large statues: one of Cuthulu and one of Yig, glaring at each other from either side of the passageway. You examine both statues (Observation-1). You discover strange runes carved into the statues and try to translate runes (Lore). If you pass, you learn the history of the serpent people who once lived here; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the statues leave you with a sense of dread; lose 1 Sanity and gain a Paranoia Condition. You barely notice the protective measures, both arcane and mechanical, on these statues and have only a moment to protect yourself. Gain a Cursed Condition unless you gain a Poisoned Condition.
The deepest cave is known as N'kai. The ghostly lights from the upper caves don't reach this depth, and it is difficult to navigate the path in the darkness (Observation). You find several drawings on the cave wall that represent Tsatoggua. As you examine them, you are attacked by amorphous creatures made of viscous, black slime (Strength-1). If you pass, you fend off the creatures and can learn the story of the toad god; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, lose 2 Health. As you wander through the dark, you feel as if you've wandered across the threshold into some other world. Gain a Lost in Time and Space Condition.
The serpent people have returned to the red-lit caves of Yoth and have resumed their endeavor to create new types of life. You sneak through the dark passages and attempt to covertly watch their experiments (Observation). The creatures that the serpent people have created are horrific, and you resist the urge to look away (Will-1) If you pass, you learn the forgotten truths of Yoth; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you cover your eyes and wait for the nightmare to be over; lose 2 Sanity. The serpent people notice you and chase you through the scarlet tunnels of the underground city. A Serpent People Monster ambushes you!

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