The Musician


  • Action: Each investigator on your space recovers 1 sanity.
  • Investigators on your space roll 1 additional die when resolving tests during Combat Encounters.


"No, not quiet at all. Dead folks get downright rambunctious when I play my horn."


Old Jim Culver's music gives sweet comfort to the soul, and it doesn't matter if that soul belongs to the living or the dead. Folks in their graves, they love their little chats with Jim. It used to bother him, but now he's happy for the company. Lately, some departed souls in San Antonio have been all riled up about something. They're downright terrified. And anything that scares the dead deserves old Jim's undivided attention.

Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

  • Jim’s passive ability "during Combat Encounters" refers specifically to the effects of the Combat Encounter directly. That is, the tests that are printed on the Monster token. Any effects not printed on the Monster token being encountered are not part of the Combat Encounter. For example, Jim won't add 1 additional die to the Lore tests printed on Wither or Wrack spells.

Team Role

With Jim's passive ability and starting equipment, he's good for taking on Monsters, and dealing with the Other World Encounters from the Gates left after the Monsters are gone. He starts close to Arkham and Buenos Aires, so he can get more Spells quickly if he needs too.