The Dilettante


  • Action: You or another investigator on a City space may perform an Acquire Assets action and gain +2 Influence during that action.
  • Once per round, when you or another investigator gains a Debt Condition, that investigator may discard that Condition.

Flavor Text


"My sister was taken. I will pay any amount to save her."


Born to wealth and privilege, Jenny has spent most of her young life in the most fashionable nightclubs around the world. But her life of decadence came to an abrupt halt when she received an ominous letter from her sister Isabelle. In the letter, Isabelle reported being followed by mysterious men wearing hoods and robes. When Jenny investigated, she learned that her sister had been kidnapped to an island in the Caribbean. Jenny will use her wealth and international connections to find Isabelle and punish the men who took her.

Team Role


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