An Improvement token is a token that the player may gain through the resolution of certain Encounters, Spells, Conditions, or other effects. It can allow the player to gain more dice when they resolve skill tests that match the improvement token.

If the player gains an improvement token, they take the token and place it on their investigator card with the "+1" side facing up. If they improve it again, flip the token to the "+2" side. This counts as part of the base skill, so it will stack with bonuses from an Item or other source.

The maximum a skill may be improved is twice. Any further improvements are ignored. It is possible to improve all five of an investigator's skill if it happens in a game.

If Lily Chen improves a skill, she may immediately improve the same skill again once a round. If Joe Diamond improves a skill, he may immediately improve a different skill at the same time.

A Location Encounter in San Francisco is likely to improve Observation. Encounters in Shanghai are likely to improve Lore. Sydney will likely improve Strength, Rome will likely improve Will, and Istanbul will probably improve Influence.


Under the Pyramids included the possibility of impairing a skill, which would reduce the number of dice a player gets for performing a skill check. Just like improvements, they may be impaired a maximum of twice per skill.

Improvements and impairments cancel each other out.

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