Card Overview

Name: Headstrong
Card Type: Condition
Tags: Talent
Effect Yes
Action No
Reckoning No
Variants: 2

Card Front

Effect: Once per round, when you would lose Sanity, you may test Will. If you pass, prevent the loss of up to 2 Sanity.

Then flip this card.

Action: N/A
Reckoning: N/A

Card Back

Flip Title Set Flavor Text Effects
1 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Resolve the effect based on your test result:

0: This time is different. You have been shaken, and now you are afraid. If you rolled any 1's, discard this card.

1+: You cannot keep doing this. Your heart is going to beat right out of your chest. Lose 1 Health unless you discard this card.

Then flip this card.

2 06
SoC Symbol - Small
Resolve the effect based on your test result:

0-2: Fear has become a comforting friend. You are too at home with despair. Gain 1 Madness Condition unless you discard this card.

3+: When you are pushed to the limit, your mind proves unbreakable. Prevent the loss of Sanity up to your test result instead.

Then flip this card.

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