The Professor


  • Action: Another investigator on your space improves 1 skill of his choice if your value for that skill is equal to or higher than his.
  • After resolving a Research Encounter, you may spend 1 Clue you gained from that encounter to improve 1 skill of your choice.

Flavor Text


"I have experience dealing with these sorts of horrors."


In the time since Harvey Walters earned his master's degree in journalism from Miskatonic University, a lot has happened to him. His journalistic career took him into the roles of mystic and psychic investigator, which in turn led him to earn doctorates in History and Archaeology. There is perhaps no sane man alive who knows more about the occult than Harvey. Now his ongoing struggle against the darkness has brought him back to his alma mater here in Arkham.

Team Role


While the name is not referential, the character of Harvey Walters resembles that of Henry Armitage.

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