The Farmhand


  • Action: Test Strength. If you pass, discard 1 Monster on your space with toughness less than or equal to your test result.
  • You do not resolve the Will test during a Combat Encounter unless you lose Health from the Strength test.


"Folks are in trouble. I don't gotta be a genius to help out."


Since he was a kid, Hank has crossed the country working on farms and ranches. In Texas, he saw a giant bird-like creature tear cattle to pieces. Everyone else ran, but Hank cracked that creature's skull open with his maul. Thinking nothing of it, he included the story in a letter to his father. Now his pa is missing and folks in Dallas say someone's looking for Hank. If they thought they were going to scare him, they were wrong. Hank Samson ain't afraid of anything, and he aims to find his pa.

Team Role

Hank Samson is best used for physical combat.


Samson is likely a reference to the biblical strongman.

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