Flavor Text

You flip through the pages of the bloodstained journal. It is nothing you have not read ten times over already. Furious, you throw it against the wall.

Dead! Gone! For What!? To find answers to a question that should never have been asked. A question that even now you cannot expunge from your thoughts.

Last and alone, you make your way out of the coroner's office, a small box of the deceased's effects in hand.

Prelude Conditions

Before resolving step 3 of setup ("Choose and Place Investigators") draw 1 random Investigator sheet and return it to the game box.

During step 4 of setup ("Receive Starting Possessions, Health and Sanity") The Lead Investigator gains the starting possessions noted on the Investigator that was returned to the game box. Then he gains a Haunted Condition and advances Doom by 1.

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