The Lawyer


  • Action: Test Influence. For each success, another investigator of your choice on any space may discard a Debt or Detained Condition.
  • Once per round, you may spend 1 Focus to add 1 to the result of 1 die when resolving a test.

Flavor Text


"I believe in a higher law. In believe in true justice."


As a lawyer, George had a long career holding those who deal in human suffering accountable to the law. Recently, George retired and bought a boat to travel the world with his beloved wife Maria, but everything changed one morning in Bombay. George left the boat to get breakfast. On his way back, he passed Westerners dressed in black suits, all wearing silver rings that bore the image of a skull. Inside the boat, he found Maria's body surrounded by occult symbols. His sole reason for living now is the pursuit of justice for Maria.

Team Role


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