Card Overview

Name: From Beyond
Card Type: Mythos
Expansion: 01Core
Traits: Event
Color: Green
Difficulty: Hard
Icons: Advance Omen, Monster Surge, Spawn Clues

Card Front

Flavor Text: The shop owner's body was found in the storeroom among those curios and antiques deemed "too esoteric" for public display. While the police ascribed his death to natural causes, you see it for something more sinister. The insidious poweers from outside of reality are growing more aggressive, impatient for the meal they plan to make of this world.
Effect: Resolve the Reckoning effect on each Mythos card in play twice unless investigators, as a group, spend Clues equal to half Number of Investigators Icon.

If there are no Mythos cards in play with a Reckoning effect, advance Doom by 1.

Reckoning: N/A

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