Card Overview

Name: Four of Cups
Card Type: Unique Asset
Tags: Trinket - Tarot
Effect Yes
Action No
Reckoning No
Variants: 1

Card Front

Effect: When you gain this card from the deck, improve Will.

Whenever you roll a 1 during a Will test as part of a Combat Encounter, you may reroll that die.

Action: N/A
Reckoning: N/A

Card Back

Flip Title Set Flavor Text Effects
N/A 07
TD Symbol - Small
You look at the hastily scribbled directions written on the envelope.

"East Hawthorne Street. First house on the right. Midnight tonight. Come alone."

Curious. Even more curious are the contents. You remove the unusual card from the envelope. A tarot card, you think it is called, tough you have never looked at one so closely before. You approach the door to the house. It does not look like anyone is home.

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