Mystery Quick Reference

Name: Fortifying the Barrier
Card Type: Mystery
Ancient One: Syzygy
Expansion: 04
SR Symbol - Small
Requires Clue Icon: No
Requires Spells: Yes
Eldritch Tokens: Yes
Required Items: No
Monster: No
Mystery Type: Special Encounter

Flavor Text

An ancient barrier cloaks the world from the gaze of Azathoth, but as the eclipse nears, the barrier weakens, and the old magic must be called upon once more to strengthen it.

Mystery Text

When this card enters play, place 1 Eldritch token on each of the following spaces: 3, 7, London, and Shanghai.

As an encounter, an investigator on a space containing and Eldritch token may discard 1 Spell to use the ruins' power to fortify the barrier between worlds. If he discards the Spell, he draws and resolves a Fortifying the Barrier Special Encounter.

At the end of the Mythos Phase, if there are Eldritch tokens on this card equal to half Number of Investigators Icon, solve this Mystery.

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