Flavor Text

You wonder what it will all come to in the end, even as you wipe the sweat from your brow, whether you will be able to rise above the challenges that lie before you. The nature of the task at hand is, after all, not one you would associate with a long life expectancy.

Purging the negative thoughts from your subconscious, you return with renewed vigor to your training. You can do it, you tell yourself, you were meant to fill this role.

You are a lighthouse in the darkness.

Prelude Conditions

During this game, if an Asset would be placed on a space of the reserve, the active investigator may place 1 random Talent Condition from the deck faceup on that space instead.

As part of an Acquire Assets action, an Investigator may spend 1 success and 1 Focus to gain 1 Talent Condition from the reserve. There is no limit to the number of Talent Conditions an investigator can gain during an Acquire Assets Action.

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