Card Overview

Name: Exploring the Ruins
Card Type: Unique Asset
Tags: Task
Effect Yes
Action No
Reckoning No
Variants: 3

Card Front

Effect: After resoving an Expedition Encounter or a Mystic Ruins Encounter, you may spend 1 Focus to place 1 Focus on this card. Then you may flip this card. 
Action: N/A
Reckoning: N/A

Card Back

Flip Title Set Flavor Text Effects
1 04
SR Symbol - Small
Finally it all becomes clear to you. The ancient writing and ruins have all lead to this truth. The key to sealing the Ancient One's power is within your grasp. You secure the necessary arrangements and perform the ritual to repel the ancient evil. Advance the active Mystery by 1. Then retreat Doom by 1 for each Focus on this card. Then discard this card.
2 04
SR Symbol - Small
As you suspected, the runes appear in this place as well. Surely these locations mark the cornerstones of the world. You invoke the spirits set to guard this place and use their power to banish the evil that has invaded the Earth. For each Focus on this card, discard 1 Gate of your choice on any space and all Monsters on that space. Then discard this card.
3 04
SR Symbol - Small
The runes you found at each location pointed you in the direction of the next site. As you charted the location of the sites, you came to realize they form an elder sign on the map. Here, at the center of the elder sign, and now, while the stars are aligned, you can perform the sealing ritual. Move the Omen to any space on of the track without advancing Doom. Then, if there are Focus on this card equal to or greater than half Number of Investigators Icon, solve the active Mystery. Then discard this card.

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