Initial Text Pass Effect Fail Effect
You descend a rocky path into a massive rift that spans half the city. Crumbling stones litter the ravine below, remnants of buildings that were once level with the city above. You enter a large tunnel at the base of the ravine in search of whatever caused the city's destruction (Observation-1). You come across what appears to be a nest of gargantuan eggs. As you approach, you find yourself fighting for control of your body (Will-1). If you pass, you flee the cavern with your mind intact; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you awake hours later in the jungle with no memory; lose 1 Sanity. Your search is cut short, as your reckless stumbling about has drawn unwanted attention to your presence.

An Ancient Cthonian Epic Monster ambushes you!

Unfamiliar with the area and having only the vaguest of notes left by a previous expedition, you barter with the shaman of a tribe that lives on the outskirts of G'harne to lead you deeper into the lost city (Influence-1). At the city's center you search for any hint of what might have happened to the beings that once dwell there (Observation-1). If you pass, you find a massive warding-stone sundered in two; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you stumble into a pit trap while examining some intricate murals; gain 1 Injury Condition. The shaman readily agrees to be your guide. He leads you deep into the domain of the dark masters he serves.

An Ancient Cthonian Epic Monster ambushes you!

You walk about the ruined city, noting the many instances of one oddly familiar symbol carved into stones and etched upon walls as you go. You take care not to disturb anything the symbol touches (Observation-1) You try to remember where you have seen the symbol before (Lore-1). If you pass, you recognize it as the Elder Sign; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the strange symbol becomes etched into your memory and is all that you can think about; gain a Hallucinations Condition. In your haste, you mistaken step on a stone marked by the unusual symbol. With a crack and a flash, it shatters, and its latent arcane energy steeps into your bones.

Gain 1 Bane Condition.

You find yourself surrounded by men and women in black and brown robes. Several of them begin moving toward you while the rest begin chanting in unison. You try to keep your attackers at bay (Strength-1). You realize that the cultist are summoning some creature and look for a way to stop the ritual (Observation-1). If you pass, you notice one is dressed differently from the rest and tackle her, ending the chant and scattering the cult into the jungle; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, resolve the fail effect. Your assailants subdue you. Suddenly, the chanting ends, and the ground begins to tremble beneath your feet.

An Ancient Cthonian Epic Monster ambushes you!

A vast subterranean chambers, deep within a heavily fortified area of the ruins, splits into two paths, both descending into darkness. Someone has written a riffle on the walls in blood. You think it is telling you which direction to go (Observation-1). You traverse what you believe to be the correct path. Suddenly, a bloodied man in tattered clothed leaps from the shadows (Strength-1). If you pass, you subdue him and realize that he is a survivor of the previous expedition; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, he bites you and flees; lose 2 Health. You follow a path deeper into the earth for some time. By the time you realize your error, you are lost in the deep tunnels of G'harne.

Lose 3 Sanity and become Delayed.

You find the entrance to a large underground cavern on the outskirts of the ruins, but it is covered by a rock twice your size. You throw your weight against the rock, hoping that it will budge enough to grant you entry (Strength-1). Inside, you come face-to-face with an elder thing! You frantically attempt to communicate with it (Influence-1). If you pass, it shows you visions of G'harne in the distant past; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, it sends you reeling violently through time and space back into the jungle; lose 1 Health. You strain yourself for hours to make only the slightest progress. You attempt to squeeze through the narrow gap, but the boulder shifts, trapping you until someone hears your screams.

Lose 3 Health.

As you explore the ruined city, you cannot shake the feeling that you are being watched. Whirling about, you find yourself staring into the shadowy face of a hooded figure, unable to distinguish any features, yet unable to look away (Will-1). You feel a force acting on your mind. You lash out at the hooded figure (Strength-1). If you pass, you throw yourself at the figure and fall to the ground but when you recover, the figure is gone; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you lose yourself to the alien force; resolve the fail effect. You awake some time later, lying among the remains of shattered warding-stones. Your memory of the past hours floods back to you. You are responsible for this destruction.

Advance Doom by 1.

You find a colossal warding-stone, larger than all of the others, pierced by a massive thorn at the heart of the city. You summon all your power and try to pull the thorn from the stone (Strength-1). As the thorn comes free, you catch a glimpse of a fiery alien hellscape through the hole in the stone. Flames lick at the aperture in anticipation. You attempt to seal the portal (Lore -1). If you pass, the passage is closed; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the earth begins to tremble; resolve the fail effect. Unable to sustain the stress of your clumsy meddling, the ward explodes, throw in you backward and lacerating your body with razor sharp shrapnel.

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